Origami in the Park
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The exhibit "Origami in the Park" is at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois.
Artists Kevin and Jennifer Box developed a unique style to "marry" paper with bronze, aluminum, or steel. The exhibit consists of 25 displays of 40 origami-inspired sculptures.
The exhibit runs from May 19 through October 22, 2017.
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"Flying Folds"
This piece reveals the lifecycle of a butterfly among the flowers on one side ...
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and songbirds sheltering among vines and berries on the other side.
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"Basket Full of Stars"
This celebrates the colorful patterns of origami paper.
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"Rising Cranes"
The crane is one of the oldest designs to be folded from a single sheet of paper. In folk stories, cranes bestow blessings and bring peace and harmony.
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"Gathering Peace"
A flock of birds coming together inspired this composition.
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"Double Happiness"
When the artists were building their first home they were inspired to create this piece while watching a pair of birds building their nest.
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"Spirit House"
Two cranes appear in a house built of olive branches. The olive branches and cranes are symbols of peace.
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"Crane Unfolding"
This is the first of Kevin Box's origami-inspired pieces.
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"Sway with Me"
Two cranes swing together as partners for life.
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"Rock Paper Scissors"
Kevin was inspired to create a physical realization of a childhood game of chance, a way of making decisions about not-so-serious things.
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"White Bison"
The artists created the original of these using a technique known as duogami, or paper with different colors on each side.
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"Painted Ponies"
This is a collaboration between Kevin Box and origami artist Te Jui Fu.
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The symbol on the red pony is a signature using the Chinese character of Te Jui's last name Fu, meaning "teacher", and the box that encloses the character represents Kevin's last name.
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"Flying Folds"
Originally created by origami artist Robert Lang, this is one of the most complex cranes ever folded from a single uncut square of paper. Requring hundreds of intricate folds, this crane has many true-to-life details that are not typically seen in origami, including feathers and claws.
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"Flight of Folds"
Here the complex crane from the previous slide is paired with the simpler iconic paper crane.
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"Hero's Horse"
Ancient legends tell of a winged horse sent from above to help a hero on his journey to save the world. The horse returned to the sky to become the constellation Pegasus.
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"Light Boat"
Bronze olive branches lift the familiar shape of a paper boat high above the earth.
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"Folding Planes"
From blank sheets of paper, folded planes lift into flight. It takes seven folds to make a piece of paper fly.
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"Stars Unfolding"
This is an abstract self-portrait of artist Kevin Box, drawing inspiration from the things that lie beneath the surface of what we see.
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"Emerging Peace"
The life cycle of a butterfly tells a complex story of transformation as the caterpillar evolves into the butterfly.
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"Paper Navigators"
Paper boats represent the risky nature of adventure and the spirit of courage needed to explore the unknown.
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The boats are tethered to the lake bottom, but there is enough slack in the rope to allow the boats to drift around freely.
"I'm King of the world!"
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"Migrating Peace"
These intricately folded cranes call to mind the many waterbirds who hunt for food, build nests, and migrate through natural areas.
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"Who Saw Who"
The raptor is always on the lookout for prey....
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The mouse, looking for food, must always be on guard against predators.
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"Master Peace"
Senbazuru, the Japanese tradition of folding paper cranes as a prayer for peace, takes shape here as 500 cranes soar above the granite base.
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"Folding Chairs"
A slight angle drains water off these folded metal sheets, so that they function as both abstract sculptures and a place to rest.
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"Seed Sower"
The Arboretum's oak collection inspired this sculpture. Squirrels collect and bury acorns, helping to grow a new generation of oaks.
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