my portfolio

These are "before and after" pictures I edited for relatives, friends, and users on the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum.
casserole b
remove the lady
casserole a
Bunker Hilll b
fill missing corner, remove scratches, make sepia
Bunker Hill a
car b
remove the standing guy
car a
clock b
remove the lady
clock a
carriage b
remove stains
carriage a
grad b
remove second girl, lighten
grad a
remove couple in background, make LOVE scupture red
melissa b
remove lady, add two others
melissa a
rachel b
remove goofball, clean up faces
rachel a
Giz3 b
remove another goofball
Giz3 a
Laura2  b
convert to rectangle, restore color
Laura2 a
family1 b
add little girl, remove car, enhance color, crop
family1 a
church b
straighten, remove wire and shadow, restore color
church a
Ryan b
remove extra people, soften background, clean up faces
Ryan a
baby4 b
baby4 a
dog b
remove people and leash
dog a
TBI2 b
restore color, remove scratches
TBI2 a
building b
remove sun glare
building a
Burlington RR b
repair platform, remove scratches
Burlington RR a
store b
remove wrinkles and scratches
store a
Julia Deacon b
Julia Deacon a
wedding1 b
restore color
wedding1 a
baby1 b
remove bottle, replace bib with Thomas Train shirt
baby1 a
Will b
lighten, remove scratches and stains
Will a
wedding2 b
get rid of that rectangle, restore color
wedding2 a
Uncle Oscar b
remove scratches, add portrait background
Uncle Oscar a
baby2 b
restore color
baby2 a
Nhu-Giz b
remove flash spots, have the man looking at camera
Nhu-Giz a
children b
children a
couple1 b
lighten, add clouds, straighten
couple1 a
St Agnes o
remove speckles, make sepia
St Agnes n
Middleton Place Charleston b
add blue sky
Middleton Place Charleston a
model b
make solid background, remove card, correct color
model a
baby blanket b
replace grandpa's knees with baby blanket, clear up skin
baby blanket a
confirmation b
bring out details in dresses, make sepia
confirmation a
family2 b
remove speckles
family2 a
Giz1 b
crop, remove people in background, add daughter
Giz1 a
Giz2 b
crop, remove truck and hydrant
Giz2 a
baby3 b
remove switchplate, glare on glasses, correct color
baby3 a
swearing-in b
remove the seated people, add flag in the corner
swearing-in a
MomBaby b
fix faded portions
MomBaby a
Gibson b
remove flashes on faces, remove person in background, replace wall
Gibson a
Shackleton b
remove dogs and hose
Shackleton a
Marilyn Mom b
make portrait
Marilyn Mom a
family3 b
replace man in blue shirt with man on far left, replace faces of ladies in front, add blue sky and clouds
family3 a
Maya b
remove clerk, flash spot on book on back wall
Maya a
trio b
fix color cast, remove purple from hair
trio a
horse b
remove bucket, lighten picture
horse a
great grandfather b
great grandfather a
Shorty Tooles b
Shorty Tooles a
mom16 b
mom16 a
baseball team b
baseball team a
Maya2 b
remove the boy
Maya2 a
remove tattoo b
remove the tattoo
remove tattoo a
train b
train a
Murray Mom b
Murray Mom a
photographer b
add a better background
photographer a
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