Muon g-2 ring: from Brookhaven to Fermilab
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As part of the Muon g-2 particle physics project, an electromagnet ring was transported from the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory ("Fermilab") in Batavia, IL. Here is the ring getting ready to leave Brookhaven. The red structure is not actually part of the ring but was built to support the ring during the move.
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The ring is 50 feet in diameter and weights 17 tons. The total weight including the support structure is 60 tons. It was covered with protective wrap. The specially-designed flatbed has 14 wheels with individual suspensions.t
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The move started June 22, 2013.
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The cost of the 3,200 mile barge & truck move was $3-million, as opposed to the $30-million to build a new one.
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On the jouney down the East coast, the barge was forced to camp out for 5 nights in Norfolk, Virginia to wait out a storm. After that, it narrowly escaped brewing tropical storm Chantal.
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50 X 150-foot barge passing through locks on the Illinois River in Joliet. It arrived in Lockport, IL on July 20 and loaded on a trunk for transport to Fermilab.
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model of the transport system in the atrium of Fermilab's Wilson Hall
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Because the truck moved only 5-15 mph, the roads to Fermilab were closed to traffic so the ring was moved during the wee hours of the night. Here it was kept at Hidden Lake Forest Preserve in Glen Ellyn.
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The move from Glen Ellyn to Fermilab started 11:00 PM on July 25, 2013.
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The Muon g-2 team planned the jouney for over a year with Emmert International, a company that specializes in moving large, unwieldy objects.
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At one underpass there was only a 6" clearance on the sides!
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Great care was taken to prevent the ring from twisting. A twist of just 1/4 inch horizontally or 1/10 inch vertically would render it inoperable.
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video of the start of the move from Glen Ellyn
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The 10-mile trip from Glen Ellyn to Fermilab took 6 hours. It was temporarily parked near the buffalo barn, about 2 miles from Wilson Hall.
Wilson Hall
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An arrival celebration for the public was held the next night at Fermilab's main building, Wilson Hall.
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The celebration started 6:00 PM when the ring left it's holding area. This and the next series of pictures were taken from the 15th floor.
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crowd starting to gather around the Fermilab logo
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It's on its way!
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crowd growing
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still growing
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Several road signs and lamp posts, one at this intersection, had to be temporarily removed to allow passage.
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almost there!
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Fermi scientists looking on
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arrival at 7:15
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and the crowd closes in !
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A group shot was taken from the top of Wilson Hall. Here the crowd is waving to the photographer.
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The next day the ring was moved back near the buffalo barn until the permament location is complete.
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future home of the ring behind Wilson Hall, under construction at the time of the move
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July 30, 2014: ring parked outside its new home, to be moved inside in a few days
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For more information about the Muon g-2 project and the "Big Move", click here
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