Burlington Memories
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in the beginning ...
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how Burlington got her name
this page from a 1834 history of New Jersey
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our town 1870
map 1876
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1876 map of area along the river
High and Broad c 1900
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High & Broad, c. 1900
postcard 1909
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in the 20's
Broad and High 2
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and in the 60's
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in its heyday
High St
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traffic booth1
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traffic booth then...
traffic booth2
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and now, on Jacksonville Rd.
Find this in Google Maps or Google Earth by entering 909 Jacksonville Rd. or the coordinates 40 03 45.75 N 74 49 32.56 W. The sign on the right is Dynatec Systems, Inc.
Community House
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Community House on W. Pearl
Did you have a birthday party there?
old post office
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old post office at Broad & Locust ...
old post office site
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and the site today
generating plant
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power to the people !
July 4 1940
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July 4th parage 1940
Fox Theater in the distance ...
Fox theater
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Jacob Fox came to America in 1902 from Russia. By 1923 he was operating eight theaters in South Jersey. There were three in Burlington: the Birch Opera House, the Auditorium Theater which was renovated and renamed the Fox in 1923, and the High Theater built by Jacob's son Melvin in the 50's.
"Going Wild" - 1930, "Philadelphia Story" - 1940
High Theater
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Remember double features?
"Bring Your Smile Along" - 1955
"Jesse James vs. the Daltons" - 1954
High St parade 1952
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July 4th parade 1952
Lakanoo Boat Club 1907
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Collins house
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Isaac Collins house, Broad and York, built c.1785.
Collins was appointed His Majesty’s Royal Printer in 1770 and started the first newspaper in New Jersey, The New Jersey Gazette. He is also printed the first quarto Bible in America.
original library
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original library
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and today
library card
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Still have your card, Amy?
Grant House
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Grant house, 309 Wood St.
Home of the family of General Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War.
Memorial Hall
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Memorial Hall, dedicated in 1923 to the local citizens who served in WW I. Now home of the American Legion. The statue is Capt. James Macfarland MD.
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"Mercury, Messenger of the Gods" - Cast iron statue erected 1881, centerpiece of the Birch Opera House which was the site of the present Post Office. Believed to have been cast in England and a copy of a 16th century work by Flemish sculptor Jean Boulogne.
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A favorite target for Halloween pranksters, like maybe a diaper !
Oneida Boat Club
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Oneida Boat Club, the oldest boat club on the Delaware in continuous operation, founded 1873
Oneida today
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Oneida today
Penn house
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Penn House - West New Jersey Proprietors Office on W. Broad St, contains original documents signed by William Penn
Henry Shaw1
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Henry Shaw farmhouse, on site of what is now Columbus Park
train station2
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train station 1870
RR 1904
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train station 1904
Nellie Bly1
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the Nellie Bly, engine #518
From early 20th century until 1961, the Pennsylvania Railroad operated this parlor-car only express train between New York and Atlantic City.
Nelly Bly portrait
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Nellie Bly (5/5/1864 – 1/27/1922) was the pen name of journalist Elizabeth Jane Cochran. She is considered the pioneer of investigative journalism and wrote for several newspapers on controversial issues usually surrounding the plight of the poor, immigrants and women. She is also notable for her trip around the world in 72 days, beating by 8 days the fictional record of Jules Verne's character Phileas Fogg.
railroad car
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In the mid 1800's the Burlington County Railroad Co. ran from Burlington to Mount Holly. In 1895 the Burlington & Mount Holly line became the first electric DC trolley line in New Jersey. This service was discontinued in1901 after a fire at the powerhouse in Mount Holly. The Line was abandoned in 1927.
Aged Womens Home
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Aged Women's Home, York & E. Union Streets
1925 and today
Wood St
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The old town of Burlington was settled in 1677 by people from districts London and Yorkshire in England. The settlers from Yorkshire built to the east of the main street while those from London build to the west side.
wood st fair
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Wood Street Fair. The grafitti dates the picture!
Wood St fair 2013
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Wood Street Fair 2013. Not much has changed!
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Each stop on the old riverline had its own eagle, decorated however they chose. This is on the riverfront near the bridge.
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Lawrence School, before 2nd floor was removed
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The Beaudinot School was named for Elias Boudinot, the New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress from 1789 to 1795, and director of the U.S. Mint from 1795 to 1805. Now a private residence.
Stacey School
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Robert Stacy School
Built in 1846, served as elementary, junior, and high schools. In 1992 high school classes were move to the new Wilbur Watts school, and Stacy then became a junior high and closed in 1983. Stacy was a 17th-century Quaker who bequeathed Burlington Island to the school district.
Allen school
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The William Allen School, built 1900, was the City's third school for the education of African-American children. Named for a mayor of the City during the Civil War.
grammar school
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Boys' grammar school 1899, corner of Jones St. & Bordontown Rd.
Later became a firehouse, then a union hall for U.S. Pipe workers, finally torn down to put in townhouses.
Doane Academy
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Doane Academy, a coeducational private school. Founded as St. Mary's Hall in 1837 by Bishop George Washington Doane, the second Episcopal bishop of New Jersey.
report 1st
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Lawrence School 1st grade report card 1952
safety patrol2
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where was your corner ?
safety patrol
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Did you take the pledge?
Weekly Reader 1958
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couldn't wait for this!
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Highlights taught us good manners - right!
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Lawrence School event, 1955. Don't ask!
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Safety first !
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Majorettes in 1961: Carol Gilbert, Joyce Gamble, Judy Anderson, Minnie Harker, Sheila Fagan, Edie Peaker
varsity band
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Steve band 1964
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1964 BHS marching band, with sax extraordinaire Steve Sand
bad boy2
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♪ ♫  Bad to the bone !   ♫ ♪
bad boy1
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♪ ♫  B-B-B-Bad !  ♫ ♪
hall guides
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good boy !
report card
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BHS Senior year report card. Check that Record of Conduct!
Florelle Shop
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prom time !
Mr Roberts
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what better place to get your hair done than Mr. Roberts ...
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and put on your best jewelry !
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Not to be outdone, the guys also spiffed up, this one with a "D.A.".
white bucks
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and white bucks !
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♪ ♫ Come, let's stroll, stroll across the floor ♫ ♪
Latin Casino2
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site of many a prom
Latin Casino
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Torn down in the 80s after a fire. Maybe someone forgot to close cover before striking!
Hawaiian Cottage
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another prom venue - Hawaiin Cottage
firehouse dance
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those firehouse dances!
snack shack
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Did you work the Snack Shack ?
jazz band
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jazz band practice at the home of director Dawson McElwee
yearbook 68
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Mrs. Taylor's Tigers
Virginia Taylor2
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tribute to Mrs. Taylor in 1940 Heirloom
play 1962
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"The Boy Who Changed the World"
BHS play 1962
play 1963a
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"Gramercy Ghost"
BHS play 1963
play 1963b
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diagrammed sentences
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Do you still diagram your sentences?
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the original text message
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did you write those messages with this?
World Book
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no Wikipedia back then
Jersey Boys State
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1963 Burlington County contingent to Jersey Boys State
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The Awakener - Burlington Jr. High newspaper
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yb 63 future
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future occupations, BHS class of '63
yb 64 hr pride
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homeroom 302 pride, BHS yearbook 1964
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Detention Hall - pros and cons
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Burlington Township High School
BTHS pennant
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preserved forever !
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food of the gods !
Tastycake 1914
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Miss Tastykake 1914
pork roll
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love that Taylor Pork Roll !
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delivered straight to your door
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some of our favorite junk foods
Mallo Cup
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Have you reached 500 yet?
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nothing better than fresh Jersey tomatos!
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oh, yeah !!
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popular stop while cruisin'
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wash down that Spam with ....
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nectar of the gods ...
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served at Rigg's on High St.
Boost truck
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that Boost truck is a classic !
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anyone still call pizza "tomato pie" ?
Gus Hazel 54
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Gus' after Hurricane Hazel 1954
NJ pizza
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Gus special?
Of course pizza goes with....
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"Hey, get your cold beer!
Hey, get your Ballantine!"
Burger Chef
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Steer Inn
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Steer Inn, c.1960
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did you go ?
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JB Bakery
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JB Bakery at High & Morris, still going strong!
JB Bakery inside
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"I want them all !"
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world's best ice cream!
ads 1
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remember these?
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Burlington Diner back then ...
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and later
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Diner employees Junior Broadbent, George Plytas, Gus Mastoris, Nick Stratis
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Image 126 of 417
mural of Diner, which is now Amy's Omelette House
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and across the street was Ange's
Columbus market
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J. Chein factory - originally in NYC, moved to Burlington in the late 40s and employed up to 600 workers until early 90s. Best remembered for its mechanical toys.
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J. Chein toys
Lucas Ford
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ad in "THE ARROWHEAD" section of Burlington County Times 6/18/64
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Burlington Loan and Trust
"the bank with the clock in the middle of the block"
quarter saver
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those quarters add up !
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Sam the Candy Man
ads 2
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and these?
magnet c1984
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fridge magnet c.1984
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Robert Hall
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♪ ♫ When the values go up, up, up... and the prices go down, down down... ♫ ♪
Highway Diner
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The old State Hwy. 25 is now Rt. 130.
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Chatterbox Motel, postcard dated 1953
Back of card states "One of New Jersey's finest restaurants and motor courts". Really?
city hall old
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the first City Hall? date of picture unknown
city halll 1910
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City Hall on High St. 1910
Lyceum Center
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Lyceum Hall built 1839 as a public hall for lectures, theatrical shows, and cultural programs. Became the City Hall in 1851. In 2010 it became the Herman T Costello Lyceum Hall Center dedicated to the arts, history and culture of Burlington.
city hall new
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new City Hall
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Janson's barber shop at High & Pearl
Tonys Bar
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Tony's Bar at 219 High St. where Cafe Gallery is today. Janson's gas station next to it later became Janson's Barber Shop.
Janson Store
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Janson's Store, 19 E. Pearl (date unknown)
Caruso Gas
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from 1947 through 1977
ads 3
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ad in Burlington Press, June 14, 1962
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Mattson's, c. 1950's
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Severns woodwork company, established 1862. Manufacturerd items such as doors, windows, blinds, shutters, mouldings, carriage bodies. This advertising ruler c. 1900.
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Anyone catch these movies?
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were you even listening to it?
Camden drive-in
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world's first drive-in was in Camden
Olympia Lakes
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Olympia Lakes
Dick Clark - Lanny1959
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The "Eternal Teen" held sock hops at Olympia Lakes.
Here he is with Burlingtonian Harlan "Lanny" Lippincott in 1959
Holiday Lake
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and across the street
Holiday Lake 2
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Holiday Lakes today
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Holiday Lakes today. Oh, well.
Horn Hardart
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Horn & Hardart "H&H" automat
Well, maybe not Burlington but still a great memory !
three digit
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anyone remember 3-digit phone numbers?
shoe store
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Shoe Wars!
Henry's, Dubrow's, Popkin's, Flaer's, Endicott & Johnson, Burlington Bootery, Armstrong's, Clair's, Joseph's, The Shoe Box, Flaer's
Poll Parrot
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Bootery 1976
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Flagg Flyers
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"flip,it's open,snap its shut"
Flagg Flyers - way cool !
ripple sole shoe2
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POST restaurant 1900-1963
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like those prices ?
Anderson Motor 1949
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Anderson Motors, c. 1949
roller rink
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Garden Midway Roller Rink, on rt. 130
milk bottles
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Did the milkman deliver to your door?
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Mason milk bottle
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Clarence Mason's dairy operation, 1904 - 1920, operated on Burlington Island.
Bottling Works
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Image 177 of 417
and more Burlington bottles!
Bordens pocket mirror
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Borden's Dairy pocket mirror
Roger Wilco
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Roger Wilco - that roof was way ahead of its time!
Image 180 of 417
gone but not forgotten !
Curtins Marina
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Curtin's Marina and Wharf, Pearl St.
ads 4
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mens shops
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Clothing Wars !
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"For all your heating needs"
this 1962 picture from the Burlington County Times
CS Heal
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Two Guys
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Shop Rite 1960
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Shop Rite, c.1960
Wedgewood Farms
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Wedgewood Farms - 541 and Sunset Road
Anns bar
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Anne's East End Bar, Pearl & Tatham
white house bar
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♪ ♫ 99 bottles of beer on the wall ♫ ♪
Did you drink Barth or Maloney?
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business cards
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Metropolitan Inn
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Metropolitan Inn - Broad & High. Originally buit as the Blue Anchor Tavern in 1750. Known as the Belden house in the 1860's, later became the Metropolitan Inn and then Alexander's Inn in the 70's.
Auditorium Theater
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The Auditorium Theater featured vaudeville shows, and later it was known as the Fox Theater with movies and live entertainment. In the 60's until its close in 1966 it was known as the High Theater. Razed in 1970 to make way for apartments.
Burl College
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Burlington College, founded 1847 by Bishop George Washington Doane, who founded St. Mary's Hall ten years earlier. Burlington College was a boys' school, while St. Mary's was the girls' school. The college closed in the late 1800s, but graduates from Doane Academy today have Burlington College on their diplomas.
Birch Carriages 3
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James Birch’s Carriage Company, established 1862, located at Broad & Library Streets ...
Birch Carriages 1
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Built over 200 models of carriages for export worldwide ...
Birch Carriages 2
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and became the largest manufacturer or rickshaws in the world!
Birch Opera House
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Birch Opera House
Birch opera
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Husksters Market
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Hucksters' Market was on Main St., which is now High St.
Friends school
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old stores
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Nehemiah Sleeper of Sleeper , Wells, & Aldrich patented his own style ketchup bottle in 1871.
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Griddle Bakery
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Silk Mills
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The Neidich Process Company came to Burlington from Philadelphia in 1906. Located on St. Mary St., it manufactured carbon paper and typewriter ribbons shipped all over the world. It later became the Underwood Corporation.
G W Lewis
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Anthony Hats
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Anthony's Hats & Shoes - shoe lace pull
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H. R. Lindabury basket company was a precursor to the Lincraft fence company.
WM Bishop
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In 1946 Ballinger Motor Co. was purchased by Francis Lucas who renamed it of course to Lucas Ford. It remained at Washington and Federal Streets until 1959, when it moved to its current location on Route 130.
Clair drugs c 1900
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Clair Drugs, c. 1900
Image 217 of 417
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canned foods
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Sleeper, Wells & Aldrich c. 1870
Mechanics Bank
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Mechanics Bank, 1905
George Pfeiffer
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Taylor cattle
Image 223 of 417
William S. Taylor was the President of the NJ Board of Agriculture from 1888 until 1916
autocar c1911
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Bernasco Harness
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Image 226 of 417
typewriter ribbon from Underwood Corp.
Dr Champion
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more ads
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Broad and Tatham, 1910
Budd Shoe3
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Budd Shoe factory at Penn and Dilwyn.
Built 1887, "largest baby shoe factory in the world." On National Register of Historic Places. Factory later occupied by a textile mill and in the 1970s by West Electronics. Today has been adapted for residential use.
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Wall Rope
Image 232 of 417
Wall Rope Works in Beverly was the first large manufacturer of corded rope. The heart of the factory was its ropewalk, a long narrow building where strands of material were laid and twisted into rope. The 1,700 foot-long facility was the largest in the country. The company supplied rope products for the military beginning with the Spanish-American War and through the World Wars. Its products were used in the construction of the Kennedy Space Center. At its peak, Wall Rope employed about 400 workers. It closed in 1982.
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F.J. Cutter wholesale liquors
advertising match safe, c. 1910
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Baker photography
Image 235 of 417
Hall c1890
Image 236 of 417
P.B. Hall Bottler c1890
Broad St Bridge
Image 237 of 417
Broad St. Bridge
Widmaier York St
Image 238 of 417
Widmaier's, on York St.
Wessells 1899
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Wessells & Gray, c.1899
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In the 1870s, businessman Andrew H. McNeal established this company which became Burlington’s largest industry and one the largest pipe manufacturers in the United States. In 1899, McNeal sold his interest to a new corporation ....
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Ridgway Nippins
Image 242 of 417
Ridgeway Nippins, c. 1913
Pennsauken Mart
Image 243 of 417
Pennsauken Mart - closed in January 2006.
US Pipe3
Image 244 of 417
US Pipe Foundry c. 1926.
Visible is Foundry Row - company owned houses rented to workers.
US Pipe1
Image 245 of 417
U.S Pipe. c1915
US Pipe2
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US Pipe workers
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U.S. Pipe Workers, 1955
Niagra Hill Billies
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Image 249 of 417
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In 1953 a team from Burlington went to the championship game of the Little Bigger League World Series in Trenton. Claire Ruth, Babe's widow, was there and was so inspired by the organization that the name was changed to the Babe Ruth League.
basketball program 1966
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champs 1966
Image 252 of 417
champs 1966 team
Image 253 of 417
the 1966 team
Image 254 of 417
are you here?
Image 255 of 417
or here?
baseball players
Image 256 of 417
Burls make it to the big leagues!
Coach Morris
Image 257 of 417
legendary football coach Horace Morris, with star athletes Tommy Lee
and Merril Moses
Columbus Park football
Image 258 of 417
Image 259 of 417
brown jug
Image 260 of 417
1960 Burl vs. Bristol Little Brown Jug Classic

Bristol took opening kickoff 88 yards for a TD. We then scored on TDs by Merrill Moses and Steve Brown, all in 1st quarter. Final score 12-6.
bball 1977
Image 261 of 417
Burlington Township freshmen 1977
Lucas motor
Image 262 of 417
1977 football schedule
LaGource Sq LL 64
Image 263 of 417
LaGource Square Little League 1964
Columbus Park Lassies
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license plate
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Revell House 1936
Image 266 of 417
Revell House on Pearl St., one of the oldest residences in New Jersey. Built in 1685 by Quaker distiller George Hutchinson, later sold to Thomas Revell, registrar of the Proprietors of West New Jersey. Nicknamed the Gingerbread House, history says this is where Benjamin Franklin was sold gingerbread on his way to Philadelphia. In 1966 the house was moved to Wood St. when the city made plans to widen Pearl St.

Revell House3
Image 267 of 417
Revell House today on Wood St.
Image 268 of 417
old St Mary
Image 269 of 417
Old St. Mary's church, Broad and Wood Sts., built 1702
St Mary1
Image 270 of 417
St. Mary's is the oldest Espiscopal church in New Jersey.
stand pipe
Image 271 of 417
The waterworks smokestack also served as a guidepost for boats on the Delaware.
Image 272 of 417
our favorite bridge !
Bridge 1930
Image 273 of 417
under construction, 1930
DeKeim scissors
Image 274 of 417
Original scissors used in the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 2, 1931, presented to Mrs. George B. DeKeim. DeKeim was a major financier to the building of the bridge.
bridge up
Image 275 of 417
The vertical lift was the longest of that type.
toll booth
Image 276 of 417
toll booth in center of bridge, moved to street in 1954
new bridge
Image 277 of 417
One of several proposals to replace the bridge. All were rejected after protests by residents because construction would require the access ramp to extend to Rt 130, resulting in the removal of homes and historic buildings.
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Belden House 1908
Image 279 of 417
Belden House
Originally the Blue Anchor Tavern, it was a favorite lodging place for stars of the American Stage performing at the Opera House located nearby.
1741 house
Image 280 of 417
somewhere on High St.
Image 281 of 417
Camp Ockanickon
Image 282 of 417
Camp Ockanickon
Ockanickon was Chief of the Mantas tribe of the Lenape and a friend of the settlers.
Ockanickon marker
Image 283 of 417
marker behind the Friends Meetinghouse
Image 284 of 417
Picture not dated, but check the hanging light. Maybe that gives a clue.
Old Smith Mansion
Image 285 of 417
Old Smith Mansion, located at Broad & High. Built in 1733 as a residence, it later became the Williams Drug Store, then torn down in the 20's to be the site of the Mechanics bank.
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♪ ♫ Dead Man's Curve ♫ ♪
infamous zig-zag tunnel under the railroad, on Beverly Rd connecting Burlington and Edgewater Park
tunnel build
Image 287 of 417
Image 288 of 417
A right of passage was to drive it and then over the Bristol Bridge!
The tunnel was actually a part of BHS Drivers Ed.
Image 289 of 417
and when you did not succesfully navigate the curve!
Image 290 of 417
A trolley system once ran through the tunnel.
this picture c.1920-30
Shippen House
Image 291 of 417
Shippen House
19th century home of Judge Edward Shippe, on the Riverbank. His daughter Peggy Shippen married the traitor Benedict Arnold.
Sylvan Lake
Image 292 of 417
Sylvan Lake then
Sylvan now
Image 293 of 417
Sylvan Lake now - pavillion, bathhouse, outdoor showers, volleyball, grills, picnic area. Water healthier due to aerators.
Image 294 of 417
old Hessian barracks, now Knights of Columbus behind St. Paul school on the left
flood 1954
Image 295 of 417
aftermath of Hurricane Hazel, 1954
flood 1954 2
Image 296 of 417
Image 297 of 417
travelling merry-go-round, c. 1950
In the center is Joyce Gamble Lindabury, class of '62, and looking up in wonder is her sister Barbara, class of '58.
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Image 299 of 417
Image 300 of 417
indestructable Tonka
plastic model
Image 301 of 417
Image 302 of 417
Image 303 of 417
Image 304 of 417
atomic energy! - really?
Model Train Scenery
Image 305 of 417
What gauge was your model railroad - S, O, HO, N, Z ?
Image 306 of 417
♪ ♫ Oh the games people play ♫ ♪
Image 307 of 417
burl game
Image 308 of 417
Burlingopoly ?
boys books
Image 309 of 417
literature for boys
girls books
Image 310 of 417
and girls
educ book
Image 311 of 417
and of course educational books
Image 312 of 417
Cheat on the book report? Nah, not us ....
boys life
Image 313 of 417
we were honorable ...
Image 314 of 417
but late night under the covers with a flashlight !
Image 315 of 417
remember when there were just 8 colors?
silly putty
Image 316 of 417
the orginal copy machine
Image 317 of 417
♪ ♫ POP! goes the weasel ♫ ♪
Image 318 of 417
♪ ♫ I got a brand new pair of roller skates,
You got a brand new key ♫ ♪
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The 300-acre island is the site of the first European settlement in what would become New Jersey. The natives called it "Matennecunk", which means "Island of Pines". In 1624 Dutch settlers named it "Verhulsten", in honor of the first Director of New Netherland.

The Dutch were displaced by the Swedish in 1656 and the English in 1664, regained control in 1673, and were displaced by the English again in 1677.

In 1682 the Island was ceded to the City, with all revenue from use of the island to fund education. This is the first basis for a free school system in the nation, and is the oldest continuing educational trust in the nation.
Island map
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Island map 1797
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Burlington Island Park was an amusement park from 1900 to 1934. Also known as Island Beach Park, it covered 100 acres.
Image 322 of 417
People came to Burlington by the thousands by steamboard or train, then ferried to the Island.
Image 323 of 417
Image 324 of 417
Was the Island the inspiration for Georges Seurat's 1884 painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte ?
Image 325 of 417
The rides and attractions were numerous. There was the Razzle Dazzle (shown here), Steeplechase, Tunnel of Love, Tumblebug, Aeroplanes, Dodge-em, bumper cars, Caterpillar, fun house, Ferris wheel. For other entertainment there was a rifle range, pony rides, baseball, dance hall, bingo.
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"Ocean Wave"
Image 327 of 417
"Miniature Railway"
Image 328 of 417
Image 329 of 417
"The Greyhound"
Image 330 of 417
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Carousel built by the Dentzel Company of Philadelphia, maker of some of the finest carousels in the world. It featured 58 animals and 2,016 light bulbs. Moved to Seaside Heights in 1932.

Most of the amusements were destroyed in a 1928 fire. Another fire in1934 destroyed what was left.
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Carousel today on Casino Pier in Seaside Heights.
35 moving horses, 18 stationary horses, 2 camels, 1 lion, 1 tiger, 2 chariots, 2016 lightbulbs, 15 original paintings from 1910 in center casing.
In 2012 it survived Hurricane Sandy which destroyed much of the pier. The owners plan to sell the carousel or dismantle it and auction off the parts, so efforts are underway to bring the carousel home to Burlington!
boat ride
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possibly the remains of the children's boat ride
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Skee Ball
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"The Whip"
island 19
Image 337 of 417
island 20
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island3 summer houses 70s
Image 339 of 417
summer houses on Island, 1970's
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In 1955 work commenced to remove the sand from the park area, and now the former site is a 100-acre lake.
island panorama
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panoramic photo taken from Bristol
island plan
Image 343 of 417
proposed plan of Island development project
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"American Graffiti"
Beverly Rd. tunnel
Anyone from the Class of '68 care to own up to this?
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Have you seen the Jersey Devil ?
13th Child
Image 346 of 417
then see the 2002 movie
Chief Halftown
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Traynor Ora Halftown (2/24/1917 – 7/52003), known as Chief Halftown, was an entertainer who hosted a children's show on Philadelphia TV from 1950 to 1999. He was a full-blooded Native American from the Seneca nation in New York state. He was also a professional bowler and spokesman for the Brunswick Bowling Manufacturing Corporation. The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted Halftown into their Hall of Fame in 2004.
Sally Starr
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Sally Starr (1923 – 2013) was a prominent TV personality in the 50's. She reigned on Philadelphia TV, hosting “Popeye Theater.” She became the first top-rated female DJ in the country, and also worked as announcer, writer and producer while also appearing on stage and in movies. The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted Starr into their Hall of Fame in 1995.
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Yes, Burlington had its own air park, where LaGorce Square is located today. The entrance was on Rt. 130 (old Rt. 25), and the runways went almost all the way to Neck Road on the east and Columbus Road on the south.
Team Bamber Lake
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Team Babber Lake
1962 cost
Image 351 of 417
like those prices ?
Lit Bros
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and these !
Burl 275th
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fire alarms
Image 354 of 417
where was your fire alarm?
Image 355 of 417
firehouses today - Niagara, Hope, Endeavor ...
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and back then
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Neptune Fire Company
Ford HH
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Ford H&H fire truck, Beverly 1951
Firemens parade 1957
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Firemen's Parade, 1957
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Endeavor Fire Co. arch erected for city's 300th anniversary parade in 1977

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mini hook and ladder firetruck, ride costs 10 cents
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Ferry to Bristol
steamer Burlington
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juke box
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better than mp3 !
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Careful, don't tilt !
cheap gas
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Like those prices? Plus S&H green stamps!
Image 367 of 417
still have some you haven't redeemed ?
Halloween parage
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Halloween parade, c. 1950
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built to last forever !
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Remember your Indian bead bookmark and lanyard key chain?
paper chain
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home-made jewlery
AmBridge Steel Joists
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nothing but the best for Burlington!
file photo
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Which Mousketeer did you have a crush on ?
Columbia record club
Image 374 of 417
13 for $1.00 !
But did you actually buy "as few as 9 or more selections at regular Club prices in the coming 3 years"?
Image 375 of 417
your first boom box
Image 376 of 417
1977 PC
WOW, what power for only $5995 !
Image 377 of 417
did you listen to WIBG ?
Image 378 of 417
instant pictures !
telephone dial
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in case you've forgotten
Image 380 of 417
stripe toothpaste
Image 381 of 417
did you cut open the Stripe tube to see how it works ?
hunt pennant
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Hunt Brothers circus
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So was it No.1 or No. 2 ?
Hunt sign
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the winter quarters were in Florence until 1978
Hunt winter
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the site is marked with this sign at the intersection of U.S. 130 & Cedar Lane
Trenton bridge
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New Jersey Senator coined the phrase in a contest sponsored by the Trenton Chamber of Commerce in 1910.
storm 62
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Image 388 of 417
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Oh, to be there !
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Need extra spending money? Sell Grit !
extra money ad
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or Christmas cards
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on the Promenade
painted ladies
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"Painted Ladies" on W. Union St.
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Not exactly Burlington but still of local interest. In 1892 Arthur Hotchkiss received a patent for a bicycle railroad. The initial track ran 1.8 miles from Smithville to Mount Holly.
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The purpose was to enable factory employees to commute quickly between the two cities. If riders travelling in opposite directions met, one had to pull off onto a siding, so a second track was later added. Monthly commuter tickets cost $2.00 .
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The record speed was 4.5 minutes, the average 6–7 minutes. By 1897 ridership had declined and the railway fell into disrepair. It was exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.
Promenade sunrise
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Promenade at sunrise
Burlington Island on the left, Curtin Marina straight ahead
picture taken by Richard Monyer, class of '68
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Impressionist Burlington street scene by painter Richard Cassel, 1949
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♪ ♫ Children of our alma mater, sing we now her praise.
Burlington's beloved high school, loud our voices raise ♫ ♪
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HS down
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demolition in 2008
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salvage !
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door prize at the Class of '64 45th reunion in 2009
time capsule2
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Tony Zoppina in 1979 excavating a well at the Quaker schoolhouse, to be the depository for a Burlington time capsule.
time capsule1
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time capsule inventory
group pictures
group pictures
(22 images)
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Finally, let's honor those who we lost in Vietnam
bridge night
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Good night, all !!

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